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Online Personal Safety


4:15 pm

With most universities moving classes online for the balance of the semester, and the expanded use of social media to keep up with campus friends, your online personal safety is more important than ever. The following reminders will help you maintain that safety:


1: Install and update virus and malware protection for phones, computers and tables.  For many students, the connectivity used on campus provides excellent protection however, when you move away from their networks, you become responsible. Be sure you are covered and that your device is up to date with the latest security updates.


2: Using open network such as those found in restaurants, coffee shops, and gyms is convenient however, many of these establishments are haunted by individuals who sit and wait for you to log in so they can hack into your system. Be careful when using any device on such networks, look for any suspicious activity and don’t hesitate to terminate the connection if you suspect someone is trying to access your device.


3: Finally, because many students feel displaced, it is tempting to join local groups who claim to be associated with your university or college.  Be cautious, these groups are often fake and are created only to gather personal data on you or members of your local collegiate community. Be vigilant and verify such groups prior to joining or sharing personal information.

As the COVID-19 virus disrupts campus life across the nation, it is important to remember that now, more than ever, students need to be especially mindful of all facets of their personal safety, health, and well-being. JGW Group and the Arriving Prepared team is dedicated to ensuring every student has the knowledge and tools necessary to safely navigate these uncertain times. To assist in this process, we will offer periodic tips on personal, social, and online safety in the age of COVID-19. We encourage parents and administrators to visit the Arriving Prepared site regularly for updates and personal safety tips. If you have questions or would like for us to address specific topics, please feel free to email us at