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Training Overview & Objectives

As an incoming college student, you are faced with so many new and exciting experiences. From the anticipation of meeting your new roommate(s) and friends to the start of classes and different activities around campus, the last thing on your mind might be the most important...Your personal safety


Arriving Prepared's main objective is to provide you, the student,  with the information necessary to develop critical life safety skills. This program was developed using actual college students and consists of three training modules which address security awareness and safety while on campus, off campus, and when using online services and social media.

In just 40 minutes, Arriving Prepared provides you with the knowledge needed to develop your personal safety  tool-set and implement your newly found security awareness skills on a daily basis.  Each module helps you to understand the roles of the university, campus security, and local law enforcement and reinforces the truth that you are solely responsible for your own safety first and foremost. 

Arriving Prepared is here to help you become the most informed version of yourself as it relates to personal safety awareness so that you can focus on a safe and successful college experience. 

Module 01

On Campus Safety & Security

  • General Safety

  • Developing safety awareness

  • Establishing primary and alternative routes and routines

  • Dorm Safety

  • Avoiding Distractions

Module 02

Off Campus Safety

  • Off campus safety considerations and planning

  • Understanding where the university ends and the town begins

  • Living off campus

  • Use of ride sharing services

  • Safely enjoying social events

  • Enjoying the off campus experience without the risk

Module 03

Social Media, Phone, & Online Safety

  • The expanding universe or social media and its role in college life

  • Sharing and safeguarding information

  • Avoiding the pitfalls of open networks

  • Overcoming social media bullying

  • Phone safety

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