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What can Arriving Prepared do for you?

Parents  & Students

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For Students

  • Builds awareness of on campus, off campus, and online safety issues common to all campuses

  • Re-enforces the need to view safety as a personal responsibility

  • Discusses the need to make personal safety a part of every student’s daily routine

For Parents

  • Provides a platform for parents and students to discuss on campus, off campus, and online safety

  • Creates a foundation for new students that can help them avoid making bad personal safety decisions made as a result of peer pressure or just wanting to fit in

  • Re-enforces the student’s existing understanding of personal safety

Arriving Prepared...

Teaches & reinforces proper personal safety skills relevant to campus life

Reinforces existing personal safety skills

Sparks discussions between parent & student on Personal Safety

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Arriving Prepared Introduction

Arriving Prepared Online Training open to all

JGW Group is pleased to provide, at no cost, access to our acclaimed Arriving Prepared© on-campus, off-campus and online personal safety videos. Developed prior to the pandemic, Arriving Prepared covers critical safety issues which might otherwise be overlooked as universities focus on health safety protocols. 


No registration, or sign in required, simply click the button below,  select the module and press play!


Arriving Prepared Brochure .PDF

Arriving Prepared Whitepaper .PDF

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