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Understanding Safety and security training for


Training Overview & Objectives

Arriving prepared provides parents with peace of mind knowing that their student will arrive equipped with the tools and understanding needed to ensure their personal safety when on or off campus and while online. Regardless of the university or location, the topics and personal safety methods addressed through Arriving Prepared apply. Arriving Prepared  is presented in a simple, straight forward, video format that speaks directly to the student and provides a gateway for more in depth parents/student discussions on personal safety and security.

Module 01

  • General Safety

  • Developing safety awareness

  • Establishing primary and alternative routes and routines

  • Dorm Safety

  • Avoiding Distractions

On Campus Safety & Security

Module 02

  • Off campus safety considerations and planning

  • Understanding where the university ends and the town begins

  • Living off campus

  • Use of ride sharing services

  • Safely enjoying social events

  • Enjoying the off campus experience without the risk

Off Campus Safety

Module 03

  • The expanding universe or social media and its role in college life

  • Sharing and safeguarding information

  • Avoiding the pitfalls of open networks

  • Overcoming social media bullying

  • Phone safety

Social Media, Phone, & Online Safety


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