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Over the next several weeks, the staff at Arriving Prepared will reach out to colleges and universities nationwide in an effort to determine how the response to COVID19 will impact personal safety and security requirements for new and returning students.  Social distancing, self and university required medical monitoring, the use of face coverings, and changes in housing, classes, sporting events, and social activities are to be expected.


While policies will vary from campus to campus, evolving social norms to better protect students and the university will be universal. Understanding these changes will be critical, and Arriving Prepared is here to help and you are invited to participate. Please utilize our Information Portal and send us your questions, ideas, and comments. We will research and address your questions with campus safety experts and post our response here.

Please send us your questions, ideas, and comments!

Student Safety Information & Tips

The correct way to don and doff PPE


1:42 pm

Face coverings and blue gloves are all the rage. While not fashionable, they are often required and, when used properly can protect you from exposure to viruses and other hazardous materials. Learn the correct way to don and doff PPE in the attached video.

New Mask Guidelines


1:42 pm

Over the weekend, CDC and other government agencies modified their recommendations regarding the use of respirators and cloth mask.  While their position on the use of N-95 mask remains the same – recommended for use by first responders, health care providers, and those who are working with individuals who test positive or are in the group of those who are potentially infected – their position with regards to the use of face coverings has changed from not required to recommended. This recommendation is in addition to the existing guidance on hand washing and maintaining social distance. Please see the below attachment for more details.

Attachments: MASKGUIDELINES.PDF                

Dorm Room Move-out


4:15 pm

Over the next few weeks, students who were locked out of their dorms as a result of COVID-19 related closures, will be allowed to return to campus long enough to retrieve personal property and move out. While the concept seems straight forward, as with everything else in the COVID-19 universe, students must be aware of the risk the face and what they need to do in order to remain safe during this process.


Both students and parents are invited to follow the below link and view our student safety check sheet addressing this important topic.

Attachments:   DormRoomMove.PDF       CDCDeconMethods.PDF                 

Online Personal Safety


4:15 pm

With most universities moving classes online for the balance of the semester, and the expanded use of social media to keep up with campus friends, your online personal safety is more important than ever. Please see the below attachment for more our guidelines to staying safe online.

Attachment:  OnlineSafety.PDF


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