What can Arriving Prepared do for you?


Training Overview & Objectives

Arriving Prepared  provides incoming students with the information necessary to develop critical life safety skills. This program consists of three video training modules which address security awareness and student safety while on campus, off campus, and when using online services and social media.

JGW’s Campus Safety training supports universities nations wide, reducing risk by providing incoming students and their families with the information needed to develop personal safety strategies prior to arriving on campus. Our training directly augments your institution’s existing student safety and security programs, providing the student with the tools needed to develop and improve upon their personal safety habits.

Arriving Prepared...

Reduces Institutional  risk associated with Safety Training

Supports Clery Act requirements to "actively foster campus safety"

Demonstrates that the university takes personal safety and security seriously

Customizable to meet your Universities needs

Personalized Training

Contact us to see how JGW can develop a training program meet to your schools' individual needs.

We also offer the use of our generic personal safety and security videos for incoming students. Please contact us directly for more details.

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Arriving Prepared Brochure .PDF

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Arriving Prepared Online Training open to all

JGW Group is pleased to provide, at no cost, access to our acclaimed Arriving Prepared© on-campus, off-campus and online personal safety videos. Developed prior to the pandemic, Arriving Prepared covers critical safety issues which might otherwise be overlooked as universities focus on health safety protocols. 


No registration, or sign in required, simply click the button below,  select the module and press play!