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Arriving Prepared©

Online Safety Training for Students and Institutions

"Building a safer and more secure college campus, one student at a time"

For Educators

Addresses the most common campus safety issues

Easily modified to meet University standards

Reinforces existing safety awareness and  personal responsibility

Ideal for orientation teams, campus safety personnel, and High School councilors & advisors

For Students & Parents

Addresses critical personal safety skills


Encourages parent student discussions on safety

Builds an understanding of the need for development of a personal safety awareness plan

Our Specialty Training

Rapidly integrate school specific safety requirements with general safety and security concepts.

Easily updated to reflect rapidly changing events and standards

Stand-alone  or integrated training capable

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Arriving Prepared Online Training open to all

JGW Group is pleased to provide, at no cost, access to our acclaimed Arriving Prepared© on-campus, off-campus and online personal safety videos. Developed prior to the pandemic, Arriving Prepared covers critical safety issues which might otherwise be overlooked as universities focus on health safety protocols. 


No registration, or sign in required, simply click the button below,  select the module and press play!

What Can Arriving Prepared do for you?

College Campus

For Institutions

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For Students & Parents

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College Students on Break

On Campus


College Student

Off Campus Training


Online & Social

Media Training

Covid Selfie Graduation

Covid-19 Training

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For the past 40 years the JGW Group has been supporting the Federal Government and DOD with safety and security matters as well as products.  As a center of excellence, JGW has taken this passion and applied our extensive knowledge for safety and security to develop a course for incoming college students.


The goal is to increase the student’s safety and security knowledge and allow them to make better informed choices regarding their own safety and security. The training has been developed with input from educational institutions, peer reviews and direct input from students.  For more information and expertise on the JGW Group, please visit www.JGWgroup.com 

Supporting the fight against COVID-19

 As the COVID-19 virus disrupts campuses around the world, it's more important than ever for students to be mindful of their safety and well-being.


In support of this effort, JGW is offering FDA approved 80% food grade Hand Sanitizer (made in America) as well as rapid deploying perimeter security solutions for quarantine zones/mobile testing sites.




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